Cheap Safaricom data bundles: How do I get cheap Safaricom data bundle?

Majority of Safaricom customers spend their airtime on buying data bundles which get depleted within few minutes. But Safaricom do have cost-effective data plans. Buying this data plans will save your money spend on buying Airtime and Minutes. Safaricom offers different types of data plans and minutes. Below are some of their data plans and minutes together with their prices and validity period.

  • Daily bundles
  • Weekly bundles
  • Monthly bundles
  • Non-expiry bundles
  • All-in one monthly bundles

These are bundles valid for one day and they include bundles plus free whatsApp.

These are bundles valid for one week and they also contain bundles plus free whatsapp.

These are bundles valid for one month, it includes bundles plus free whatsapp.

These bundles contain data bundles, minutes, sms and free 2gb Youtube bundles. They have a validity period of one month.

Safaricom recently rolled out packages that have minutes and sms only. Customers welcomed the move and are now enjoying the service as compared to when they were buying only bundles combined with minutes. The minutes are valid only for one month.

Weekly minutes are valid for one week and they contain sms and minutes.

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