Share Safaricom data bundles: How to share SAFARICOM data bundles with Friends

Sharing own data bundles has never been easy. Recently, SAFARICOM rolled out a captivating option whereby data sharing with friends, was made possible.

How SAFARICOM data sharing work

When you purchase data bundles of any amount, you can share it with your friend or family. Let’s say you purchase 100mbs(non-expiry) of data bundles, you can decide to share 40mb or 50mb with your friend.

Why data sharing is a breakthrough from sambaza data bundles

Initially, SAFARICOM allowed their customers to sambaza only 20mbs(maximum) of data per day. But with the evolution of data sharing, customers can now share more than 2GB of data with their friends.

How to share SAFARICOM data bundles

✓Dial *544#

✓ Choose option

✓ Choose option 7(Data Sharing)You will receive a message stating that “Dear customer you can share your data bundles with family and friends, simply click Once you click on that link, it will open in your browser, follow the following steps and share your data bundles.

✓Click on Add a Beneficiary.

✓Enter phone number of the beneficiary.

✓Select preferred pin (To confirm, Use your Mpesa pin or Service Pin)

✓ Enter data bundles from 10mbs upto 5120mbs.

✓Select data type,either

•No expiry

•With expiry or Postpay Data

✓ Click on Add a Beneficiary

✓ Click on “Allow when promoted to”Confirm Adding Beneficiary” Finally, A pop up will appear indicating that”Your request was successful!



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