Bonga Points: How to redeem Safaricom Bonga Points.

What are Bonga Points

Safaricom Bonga Points are loyalty rewards in form of points earned when Postpay and Prepaid subscribers use Safaricom services such as Airtime, Mpesa, Purchase of Data bundles and Minutes. For every shs 10 spent, you earn 1 point.

How to enroll to Safaricom bonga points service

Enrolling to a rewarding loyalty program is an important idea that all Safaricom subscribers should not forget. Once you purchase a Safaricom Sim Card it should be the first idea to ring in your mind. Safaricom PLC do allow subscribers to enroll and earn 10 Free Points as a welcome bonus. Below are guide on how to enroll to Bonga points.

  1. Dial *126# on new line
  2. Choose option to enroll to bonga points
  3. Accept Terms and Conditions
  4. Get rewarded Free 10 points as a Welcome bonus

How to earn Bonga Points

Reward of Bonga points depends on subscribers effort in using Safaricom services, this implies that the more you use Safaricom services and products the more you earn loyalty points. Below is a table with a breakdown of earning.


How to Redeem Bonga Points

To redeem Safaricom Bonga Points, Follow the procedures below;

  1. Dial *126#
  2. Choose option 10( Transfer points)
  3. Enter amount of bonga points to transfer
  4. Enter number to transfer the bonga points to.
  5. Enter your Mpesa Pin or Bonga Point service pin to complete the request.

How to sale Safaricom Bonga points

Nowadays, Individuals have basic wants which are habitual and needs to be satisfied, Therefore to meet such needs, Converting Bonga points to cash should be an option to consider. With the current era of Technological advancement, both excess airtime and accumulated bonga points can easily be converted to mpesa cash. Airtime Deals makes it possible for you to convert bonga points to real money. Below is a 2024 Guide on how to change points to real cash.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Convert bonga points to cash
  3. Enter Amount of bonga points to convert
  4. Enter number that has bonga points
  5. Enter number to receive payment
  6. Click on Transfer Bonga Points button.
  7. Follow procedures displayed on drop down card to complete the request.

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