Safaricom airtime: How to convert Safaricom Airtime to cash

Many people accumulate unused airtime on their mobile phones, which often goes to waste. Airtime Deals addresses this issue by offering a convenient service to convert this unused airtime into cash. This not only helps users make the most of their purchased airtime but also provides financial flexibility. Whether you have surplus airtime from Safaricom or Airtel, Airtime Deals ensures you can easily exchange it for cash, maximizing the value of your mobile credit. For more details, visit Airtime Deals.

Convert airtime to cash

Convert airtime to cash by following the 2024 guide below;

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Convert Safaricom Airtime to Cash.
  3. Enter amount of airtime to convert.
  4. Enter your number receiving payment.
  5. Confirm phone number receiving payment.
  6. Click on Sambaza now button.

Alternatively you can dial *140*amount*number#. To easily transfer your airtime to cash mpesa.

  1. Visit airtime deals homepage and click on Convert Airtime to Cash.

2. Enter amount of airtime to convert, Safaricom number to receive payment, and then click on Sambaza button below the form.

Below are alternative websites that also Convert Safaricom Airtime to Cash at best rates.

Apart from, we have a number of well known websites that can assist you to get value out of your airtime by converting it easily to real cash or money which is deposited immediately to your mpesa account.


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