Withdraw money from till number: How to withdraw money from till using M-PESA AGENT

Till Merchants have been asking questions on how to withdraw money from M-PESA agent using till number. You can also withdraw money, from till number to own phone number linked to the till, Bank account number or roll it back to the head office. This article focuses on giving in depth explanation on how to withdraw money from till number.

It is possible to withdraw money from M-PESA agent in two ways; through short code 234 or by use of M-PESA Business App. Note that, withdrawal charges from Mpesa agent using till number are the same as charges that apply when withdrawing money from M-PESA using individual Mpesa.

To withdraw from M-PESA AGENT using a short code, use the following procedures;
✓Dial *234# from nominated phone number that is attached to the till number.
✓Choose option 2; M-PESA Business Till
✓Enter your Head Office/STORE NUMBER, it is usually a 7 digit number
✓Choose option 1; Withdraw funds and choose option 2; withdraw from agent. Proceed to enter agent number, entre amount you want to withdraw and input your till pin.

If you are in need of withdrawing to owner mobile number, rolling it back to head office or withdrawing to bank account, you can still use the same procedure.

Second option to withdraw money from till number, is by use of M-PESA Business App. Below are the steps to use;
✓Download MPESA BUSINESS APP from playstore
✓Launch the app and input your till number details
✓Click on Withdraw Icon
✓Click on withdraw at agent
✓Enter agent number, then input amount you want to withdraw, input pin and initiate the Withdrawal.


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