Where to buy cheap Airtime: airtimedeals

Access to cheap Airtime has never been easy but with evolution of technology, you can save on airtime bought daily. There is a one stop shop for cheap Airtime.

AIRTIME DEALS offers you a chance to save on airtime. Below are cheap prices on Airtime.

✓50 Safaricom Airtime @kshs 45 save Kshs 5

✓100 Safaricom Airtime @kshs 89 save Kshs 11

✓150 Safaricom Airtime @kshs 134 save Kshs 16

✓500 Safaricom Airtime @kshs 445 save Kshs 55

✓1000 Safaricom Airtime @kshs 890 save Kshs 110

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