How to buy Easy Talk Monthly Minutes

What are easy talk monthly minutes

Easy talk monthly minutes are new offers on minutes and sms from Safaricom. The offer contains minutes and sms valid for one month. The advantage of Easy Talk Monthly Minutes is that , it is money saving strategy because if you use Airtime for calling and sms you will end up spending more.

How long does Easy Talk Monthly Minutes last

Easy talk monthly minutes are valid for one month only. When you buy your package you will have to use both the minutes and sms for a period of one month and make sure they are all used up within that period.

Is easy talk monthly minutes Auto-renew

The minutes does not renew , if you buy the package and the minutes are not all used up by the end of the validity period, if you buy another package it will not accumulate with the previous package.

How much is easy talk monthly minutes

Price of Easy Talk Monthly Minutes is from shillings 500 to shillings 2000.

✓Sh 500 (300 minutes+500sms)Click to ? BUY @shs 445 and save sh 55

✓Sh 1000( 800minutes+1000sms) Click to ? BUY @shs 890 and save sh 110

✓shs 2000(1,700 minutes+5000sms) Click to ? BUY @shs 1,780 and save sh 220

How to buy Easy Talk Monthly Minutes

✓Dial *444#

✓Choose option 4(Easy Talk Monthly Minutes)

✓Choose your preferred package

✓ Alternatively, you can buy for another number by choosing option 4 (Buy for other number)

Buy Easy Talk Monthly Minutes and save on money you spend on Airtime.

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