Airtel Airtime To Cash: Guide on How to convert Airtel Airtime To Cash Mpesa.

Nowadays, converting Airtel airtime to mpesa cash has been made easier by online websites such as AIRTIME DEALS which enables people to exchange their excess airtime into real money. The procedures are precise and clear. Incase of any challenge concerning conversion of Airtel airtime to cash, Airtime Deals customer care is always available and ready to assist where necessary.

list of websites that convert airtime to cash.

Below are reliable sites which you can use when in need of converting excess airtime to mpesa cash.


When you try either of these three websites, you can get a service of airtime to cash instantly without delays. Below is a guide on how to convert airtime to cash mpesa

  1. Visit
  2. Click on convert Airtel airtime
  3. Enter amount of airtime to convert
  4. Enter your phone number
  5. Confirm phone number receiving payment
  6. Enter your name
  7. Click on convert button.
Airtel Airtime To Cash: Guide on How to convert Airtel Airtime To Cash Mpesa.

The advantage of converting your airtime to mpesa cash using the above guide and listed websites is that, the process is fast, instant and trustworthy. Cashback obtained after selling your airtime for cash can be used to pay for services and other expenses. READ MORE. Airtime Deals enables you to convert airtime from the following sources.

  • Airtime earned from surveys
  • Airtime won from TV and Radio
  • Airtime gifts, For example; Birthday gifts and Achievement gifts
  • Airtime awarded by employer as an allowance
  • Airtime bought accidentally from Bank or Mpesa and either of the two parties are unable to reverse it back.
  • Scratch card airtime awarded at job or given as gifts

Having airtime from the above sources, Airtime Deals, or can assist you to get value out of your airtime by following the above guide on how to convert airtime to cash.

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